Sumeru Corporation
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Labor Recruitment In Nepal

SumeruCorp Nepal Overseas Pvt. Ltd. provides consulting of Nepalese security personnel as well as skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor. Our vast experience in Nepal  allows us to cater to the specific needs of our customers and are made reliable with an expert team of professionals. Our deep knowledge and experience in the field of manpower services in Nepal is an assurance to our clients that the quality of our recruitment in skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor meets the expectations of our clients.

Sourcing of Indian Army Personnel

Sumeru Corporation is backed by a strong network of recruiters in North India that helps us source retiring Nepalese service members of the Indian Army. The Indian Army regards their Nepalese service members highly due to their contributions locally and abroad throughout history. We manage their transition from the Army and on-board them for jobs locally or abroad.

Sourcing of Nepal Armed Forces Personnel

Through years of collaboration with the Government of Nepal we have built a strong relationship with the armed forces of Nepal to help their members after they leave their positions in the government. They remain one of our main contributors of highly trained security personnel.

Sourcing of Civilian Security Guards

We provide civilians who are experienced in security jobs throughout Nepal and India. Their experience in their domestic jobs make them suitable candidates to be deployed internationally as trained guards.

Specially Trained Elite Gurkhas

The Royal Nepal Ghurka Regiment were known by foreign armies as formidable killing machines who were at heart humble and simple. Bearing such a contradiction in character they were highly sought after by elite forces around the world such as the British SAS, French Foreign Legion and the Singapore Elite Police Force.  We provide such caliber to our special clients internationally who have special requirements when it comes to protecting high value individuals and assets.