Sumeru Corporation
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Sumeru Corporation Manpower Deployments to Japan

Sumeru Corporation has a strong vertical integration in the manpower industry to ensure a seamless supply of manpower to our clients ensuring minimal disruption to our client's business operations. Our professionals are well experienced in the industry to ensure that our client's unique expectations are met


Labor relations support in Japan

Our operations are driven by the latest cloud services technology to ensure the right information is available to all parties including our clients at any given moment to ensure business agility and fast decision making. Our cloud solutions allow us to integrate with our clients to provide constant support in terms of labor relationship management


Japanese Language Training

Our training facilities in Myanmar, Nepal and India currently incorporate a 3 month Japanese language class for all deployments to Japan. We have learnt from our experience with our clients that there are aspects of local language that although basic is a necessity in drastically improving the learning curve. We are able to utilize our language training center to on-board the candidates with your specific operational language requirements.